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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please check these before you contact us.

Q. Can I search other auction sites besides eBay ?
A. No. Our site is dedicated to eBay only. eBay is the most powerful auction platform on the planet - the API's they provide is simply awesome!!!

Q. How do I change the country for eBay searches ?
A. Simply use the drop down menu at the top-right to change your desired country. Please note that only UK & USA is supported at the moment - we will be adding more countries shortly.

Q. How do I search within sub-categories ?
A. When you click on the category button on the search bar, you will be presented with a drop down list - clicking on the "expand" icon next to each category will allow you to select sub-categories as illustrated below...

Q. Are the results for searches up-to-date ?
A. Yes, the results are always up-to-date and the searches are all carried out on live (real-time) eBay listings.

Q. Do you have an auction sniper service ?
A. There are so many auction sniping services available on the net. For these services, you are required to give away your eBay username and password. Just imagine what could happen to your eBay/PayPal accounts in the wrong hands - we think this is very risky and don't want this responsibility! Use eBay Auction Sniper (The Proper Way). Did you know that eBay has it's own "Auction Sniper" service ? This is far more powerful and reliable than any third party services. Find out more here.

Q. How accurate are your research tools ?
A. Unfortunately, we don't have access to past historical data :-( Therefore, our reports are not 100% accurate. We are using live listings and prediction algorithms to process the data - in comparison, it is quite close to most paid services out there and should give you a good idea on what you are researching.

Q. Do you plan to have a listing manager for sellers ?
A. This is something our parent company "Auctomate" is looking into.