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Using eBay Research Tool
These are some of the tools that will help you sell smarter and make life much easier on eBay. Please note, these tools uses data from live eBay listings and prediction algorithms to generate the reports and could take several seconds.

Item Research Tool
This tools gives you an insight into how your listing is performing on eBay. It is important that you enter a valid item number followed by a search term (i.e. what users are most likely looking for) before executing the search. The example below demonstrates this in more detail...

Keyword Research Tool
As power sellers will tell you... using the right keywords will create more sales! Use this tool to get a good understanding of what keywords to use, what prices products sell for, its sell-though rate etc. Simply enter your keywords and search.

User Research Tool
Use this tool to see all the products of a eBay seller. Find out what items they sells most, items with top revenue etc. Enter a valid eBay user id and search. Please note, this tool uses live listing only - no historical data is used.