The following are some great tools to help both buyers and sellers to take full advantage of eBay. We're continually working hard with power sellers and frequent buyers to add more tools to this list - if you have an idea or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

eBay Tools For Buyers

Title Misspellings

Find items on eBay that contains misspellings. These items are often hard to find and go unnoticed.

Popular eBay Items

Discover the most watched and popular items on eBay in real-time.

Late Night Bargains

A great way to hunt for bargains is to look for auctions that are finishing early in morning or late at night.

Unwanted Gifts

Unwanted gifts often sell for cheap. This is because most sellers dont care about the original price and want to make a quick sale.

Ending With No Bids

Find auctions that have no bids and ending very soon. Grab yourself a bargain!!!

Penny Auctions

Great chance to find thousands of items priced less than $1 / £1 - absolute bargain!!!

Local Funitures

Find tables, chairs, sofas, and large appliances local to where you live and make huge savings. Simply enter your post/zip code...

Local Baby Items

Find baby furnishings and equipment local to where you live. Save time and money!!!

Local Car Parts

Finding car part or auto accessory can be quite expensive and time consuming. Why not search locally and collect in person ?

eBay Tools For Sellers

Spy On Competitors

Find out what your competitors are selling, gather intelligence, analyse stats on hot selling products...

Buying History

Check out what your competitors are buying and where they are buying from...

Keyword Research

Use this eBay research tool to get ideas and suggestions on products you want to sell or buy...

Item Research

Get an insight on the item you have listed including rank position (best match)...

Hot Selling Items

Not sure what to sell on eBay ? Search for your niche and see whats selling hot right now.

Local Wholesale/Job Lots

Buy in bulk for cheap and offer bargains to all your customers. Search and collect locally...